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Chaillot-TnD aims to place dance at the core of society. Its pluralistic programming line-up, which includes leading international companies as well as emerging talents, its "Chaillot Experience", its various popular education and cultural action programs such as the Chaillot Colo and Chaillot Olympiques throughout France, its desire to transform the theater into a place of hospitality with the Yes We Camp collective, all aim to create a multiplicity of bridges to encourage sharing, particularly with the younger generations and more remote audiences. Supporting Chaillot-TnD means embracing these values and actions in support of a project that is open to society and which aims to be a genuine lever for social transformation.

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The DNA of our company is the art of encounter, in the service of creation, but also in respect for others and their differences. If society expects art to share the complexity of the world, this desire to bring people together is our response and our raison d'être. It nurtures the artists we invite, creates social links and adds to the beautiful word "humanity" the accent of a necessary dream. It's this commitment that we invite you to share. With the "Chaillot Experience", the "Chaillot Colo" and the "Chaillot Olympique", we hope to bring worlds closer together and work towards social transformation.
Président of Chaillot – Théâtre national de la Danse
Rachid Ouramdane

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