Hervé Robbe In Extenso, Danses en Nouvelles...

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In Extenso d'Hervé Robbe
As part of a comprehensive artist profile curated by Chaillot and the Centre national de la danse, Hervé Robbe presents three pieces for two, four and sixteen dancers that showcase a rigorous and experimental language equally informed by krump, conceptual art and classical movement. See program




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Starting off as a choreographer in the 1980s, Hervé Robbe constantly pursues new possibilities in movement language. Striving to conceive original formats to present his works and harness new possibilities on stage, he, since 2018, has led the project In Extenso, Danses en Nouvelles… , which includes an eclectic series of “dance letters” to the audience based on a creative desire to reach out to them in the moment. The episodes of the cycle can be seen in various combinations.  

Here the show features three pieces. Underpinned by Charles Ives and Jérôme Combier’s music scores, Danse de 4 pushes a mixed quartet into a square space, expressing intense, highly ritualistic and warlike physicality, partly informed by the movement style of krump. In Danse de 16, the 16 performers flesh it out in an expanded and round space, setting in motion an unstable community looking for benevolent supports. Deers, the most recent piece, pulsing to a circular composition by Jérôme Combier, focuses on a duet whose strange connections are made and appear amid ghostly presences.  



Jérôme Provençal 

Aménager et déménager, bâtir et démolir, Hervé Robbe dessine le mouvement autant que l'espace autour. Rosita Boisseau, Le Monde


Rosita Boisseau animera la rencontre avec l'équipe artistique du 21 mars après la représentation.