Kery James À Huis Clos

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Songwriter Kery James (associate artist) has an ingrained affinity for words and social issues. Unsurprisingly then, we find him taking to the theater stage this time. In this play, “A Huis Clos”, an uncompromising face-off between a judge and a lawyer against a background of police misconduct, hell is now. See program





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A preeminent champion of a sophisticated form of French rap, Kery James has not only made a name for himself in the music world. With forays into film as an actor, scriptwriter and director, he made a notable appearance in the theater with A vif directed by Jean-Pierre Baro. The play, which he wrote and was one of the two performers in, chronicles the feverish verbal joust between two lawyers, Soulaymann and Yann, who come from widely opposed backgrounds and have two antagonistic outlooks on French society. Here James presents a sequel called À Huit Clos in which his writing gives the character of Soulaymann more substance and a voice. After the suspicious murder of his older brother during a police raid, the lawyer sets out to confront the judge who acquitted the man accused of murder. He then gets embroiled in a fiery speaking duel addressing a wide range of topics from politics to love and bringing a provocative commentary on our troubled times.  


Jérôme Provençal 

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