Joanne Leighton Le chemin du wombat au nez poilu

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Le Chemin du wombat au nez poilu de Joanne Leighton
In this show for all audiences – a tale at the intersection of dance and videography – Joanne Leighton reconnects with Australia where she grew up. The show takes inspiration from the wildlife of Oceania and a time of dreams, a period prior to the creation of the Earth where everything was spiritual and immaterial. Two women dancers summon sounds, colors, air and images to raise awareness of ecological issues.



50 min


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Since she started out, choreographer Joanne Leighton has explored ideas of space, whether it is the space of the theater, gardens, stage or city. With this work for all audiences – mysteriously titled Le chemin du wombat au nez poilu (“the path of the hairy-nosed wombat”) – she pulls from her Australian roots again. This will be a “sunny and mineral journey to a common path filled with materials, images and sounds: the Australian desert.” The two performers Flore Khoury and Marie Tassin guide us through legends and oral traditions which serve as a common thread for this journey featuring dance, music and videography. The show is not just about opening up a book of moving images. It also aims to question current ecological issues and combine whimsy and a sense of reality. Throughout her fertile career, Joanne Leighton has been committed to art and culture education. With Le chemin du wombat au nez poilu, I want to both tell and dance the accounts, stories and dreams of my native country.”  


Philippe Noisette