Marine Colard Le Tir Sacré

Season 23 24
le Tir Sacré de Marine Colard
In a duet that looks at once like dance, theater, sport performance and burlesque, Marine Colard and Esse Vanderbruggen move through an incredible montage of sport commentaries which form the soundtrack to this choreography. From collective fervor to awkward commentaries, these moments are recontextualized and put into perspective for the audience and the fans.



55 min


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Hyperbolic and highly onomatopoeic, sport commentary – whether chanted or screamed out – is a show in and of itself. Actor and dancer Marine Colard took on this odd music to compose an off-kilter score performed by a chorus of amateur singers in 2017. She continues in this vein with Le Tir Sacré where memorable, sometimes iconic commentaries mingle with those concocted by Fanny Lechevestrier and Bruno Salomon, who perform voices for the piece. Over these zany harmonies, Marine Colard and her dancer partner Esse Vanderbruggen go through a movement sequence of various sports, performing staged postures drawn from Olympic sports. In this staging, which links together gestures and voices, a discussion of athletic performance emerges. Similarly, it allows for a comparative look at acting and the art of sport commentary, the work of athletes and the work of dancers.   

Marine Colard est comédienne, danseuse et chorégraphe. Après avoir obtenu un Master Métiers des arts et de la culture, elle décide de se former au jeu ainsi qu’à la danse. En avril 2017, elle fonde Petite Foule Production. Basée en Bourgogne, sa compagnie lui permet de développer un travail autour du quotidien ainsi qu’au croisement du théâtre et de la danse. Au sein de celle-ci elle a créé les spectacles Notre Faille (2020, Théâtre de Vanves) et Le Tir Sacré (2021). En parallèle, elle développe des projets territoriaux comme Les Petites Foules ou Choralangues et crée sa pièce Bataille générale. Marine Colard est artiste associée au Théâtre d’Auxerre-scène conventionnée d’intérêt national jusqu’à juin 2026.

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