Aurélie Charon & Amélie Bonnin Radio Live - Vivantes

Season 23 24
For ten years, Radio live has brought onstage the stories of a committed youth around the world. This 2024 iteration will be female and collective, with onstage four young women who grew up in conflict zones including Syria, Bosnia and Ukraine, and on screen, the elders and the young generation in conversation. See program





  • Associate Artist
  • 19h30
  • 19h30
  • 19h30
  • 17h00
  • Full price
  • Under 30
  • Job seeker
  • Social minima
Session translated into French sign language
Screening with audio description
Meet the artists after the show.
School session
Session with adapted subtitle

Over a span of 10 years, the project Radio live has taken myriad forms, portraying at once multiple generations and an ongoing conversation about the questions of commitment and the transmission of stories. Today, Amélie Bonin and Aurélie Charon present a new installment that is collective, feminine and fraught with the memories and traces of war. On stage are four young women from Syria, Bosnia, Ukraine and Iran whose stories are woven into an intimate and polyphonic narrative. Through their stories, families and forms of engagement and resistance emerge and interact with one another. Meanwhile, footage shot in each of the four countries reveals a host of faces and connective threads across generations. Each night brings new witnesses connected with those stories as well as musicians performing live, making La Relève-Les vivantes a constantly changing experience. They’re an ephemeral and ever-evolving collective looking ahead to future lives, working for the next generations.  



Vincent Théval