Angelin Preljocaj Requiem(s)

Season 23 24
Angelin Preljocaj likes to change up his inspirations from piece to piece. Conceived for the Grande Halle de La Villette, this new work he refers to as “tribal” will feature the stellar dancers of Ballet Preljocaj in a high-quality show. See program




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Session translated into French sign language
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Meet the artists after the show.
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What is your work process?  

I usually start from a problem. Each new project needs to be a problem to me, whether it is a scenic or aesthetic constraint or whatever. In fact, the creative process helps resolve those initial impossibilities as we go along.  


What will this new piece look like?  

Given the setting of the Grande Halle at La Villette, it will be a somewhat tribal work, consisting of at least twenty dancers or more. They will be chosen as rehearsals go by, as some of the dancers appear to fully embrace the roles considered.  


How would you define your choreographic language?  

Although there are certain constants, it comes together differently each time based on the specific theme of the piece. The vocabulary of Mythologies has little to do with the vocabulary of Birthday party - performed by old bodies - which was shown at Chaillot last season. I actually like that a new piece differs dramatically from the previous one.  


Interview by Isabelle Calabre