Thomas Lebrun / CCN de Tours Sous les fleurs

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Sous les fleurs de Thomas Lebrun
Thomas Lebrun presents a piece for five dancers inspired by his meeting with the Muxes. Natives of South Mexico in communities that do not assign them a gender, the Muxes are born men but view themselves as women. They reclaim markers of the female gender such as flowers and multicolored outfits. See program




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Les retardataires ne sont pas admis en salle.

A maverick on the contemporary dance scene, Thomas Lebrun has maintained a hectic creative schedule since the late 1990s, unleashing the full potential of his fertile imagination. His totally unclassifiable style is aesthetically multifaceted, ranging from the most stripped-down dance to the most unbridled theatrics, which the recent and bustling piece Mille et une danses (pour 2021) brilliantly encapsulates. Conjuring the feminine side of men without connecting it to sexuality, his new work Sous les fleurs specifically looks at the Muxes from South Mexico, people with no assigned gender – born men, they live as women, in multicolored attire, within communities that accept them as they are. Performed by five men dancers whose femininity is more or less discernible, the piece – which features various styles of music, particularly from Mexico – subtly spawns a non-gendered and shape-shifting dance revealing the essential singularity of each body, here and there.  



Jérôme Provençal 

Nathalie Yokel animera la rencontre avec l'équipe artistique du jeudi 4 avril après la représentation.