Rocío Molina Vuelta a Uno - Extrait de Trilogie pour guitares

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Rocío Molina is unquestionably an exceptional flamenco dancer. But she is also a well-rounded artist who has gradually built up a very unique body of work. Bringing people from laughter to tears, she is accompanied by Yerai Cortes on guitar for this third installment of her trilogy, which focuses on the body and the earthly energy of dance. See program




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The guitar doesn’t get old. This new installment dedicated to the instrument by the incandescent Rocío promises to be the apex of her Trilogia. Beginning with Inicio (Uno) – a narrative of the genesis – and followed up into the depths of Al fondo riela (Lo Otro de Uno), her musical/dance exploration culminates in an intensely sensual interaction with the virtuosic guitar of Yerai Cortés. More intimately than in her previous opuses, the dancer harnesses the primary impulse of movement. To interpret all the nuances of her partner’s sound palette, she strips any habit out of her gestural playbook and fully engages with the thrill of the moment. Together, the two artists indulge in an emotional crescendo sustained by their mutual attraction and almost carnal connection. Vuelta a Uno is better than a grand finale. It celebrates the euphoria of being alive, which requires connecting with the other, the safest path to regain oneness.  


Isabelle Calabre