David Coria Los Bailes Robados

Season 23 24
For this new piece, David Coria brings on a stellar cast, including David Lagos on vocals, Isadora O’Ryan on vocals and cello whileJuan Jiménez Alba performs tenor and soprano sax. The dancers are Aitana Rousseau, Florencia OZ, Marta Gálvez, Ivan Orellana and Coria himself, performing this show about dance and singing as social outlet, repressed so many times, censored, and yet still alive and kicking. See program




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  • 21h00
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    45 €
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    19 €
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    8 €
Session translated into French sign language
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Meet the artists after the show.
School session
Session with adapted subtitle

Dancing to overcome pain. To stand up against enslavement and clamor for freedom. Dancing to exist. That’s what women and men – crazed with a collective dance frenzy – did repeatedly throughout history, in Strasbourg and elsewhere. During these still unexplained episodes, their wild disarticulations loudly expressed what their words as oppressed people could not tell, says David Coria. Taking his cue, the Andalusian choreographer has invited the most prominent flamenco artists, including Aitana Rousseau, Florencia Oz, Marta Gálvez and Rafael Ramírez – to a liberating and rebellious dance. His polyphonic work forcefully conveys a political and social statement for anyone still today relegated as an outcast – witches, lunatics, and “different” people. The performers switch from hysteria to harmony, movement to stillness, backed by the talent of outstanding musicians. Encouraging everyone to “dance a pas de deux with life.”  


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