Chaillot Colo

Artistic activities for children and teenagers exploring the art of movement during school vacations.

Developing art appreciation actions towards schools and people unfamiliar with these practices is another essential mission of the Chaillot, one that is carried out closely with local people. Initiated in 2022, the “Chaillot Colos” allow young people who cannot go on a vacation an introduction to dance, the conception of a show, acrobatics workshops and the “choreography of filmed self narratives” under the supervision of the theater’s associate artists and based on the project co-selected with the participating municipalities. So far six of those have taken place in Paris, Martinique, Saint-Denis and Kigali (Rwanda), bringing together children and teenagers originating mostly from underprivileged neighborhoods of the city or impoverished areas. During these unique moments of communal life, the discovery of an art form comes with the emergence of social connections and peaceful togetherness. 

Passed editions

Chaillot Colo #1

Summer 2022 / from July 18th to 22nd 2022
at Chaillot - Théâtre national de la Danse (Paris)
Organised avec the Ateliers Médicis
Artists : Lisandro Gallo and Ana Zammito
Theme : acrobatics/circus
Public : 12 children aged 8 to 14

Chaillot Colo #2

Toussaint 2022 / From October 20th to November 6th 2022
at Z’amandines (Martinique)
Organised avec the DAC Martinique
Artists : Hala Rajab and Perla Joe Maalouly
Theme : "Mouvement et récit de soi" (danse/cinéma)
Public : 20 teenagers aged 14 to 17

Chaillot Colo #3

Toussaint 2022 / From October 24th to 28th 2022
at Centre de loisirs de la Ville de Saint-Denis at Mériel (Val-d'Oise)
Organised with the city of Saint-Denis
Artists : Maxime Seghers, Ann Raber, Mayalen Otondo and Romain Boutet.
Theme : "L’inattendu de soi" (dance/circus/sport)
Public : 16 children aged 8 to 12

Chaillot Colo #4

Toussaint 2022 / From October the 31st to November 4th 2022
at the maison Maria Casarès at Alloue (Charente)
Organised with the CAJ d'Angoulème
Artist : Jann Gallois
Theme : "Le départ ultime" (dance/theater)
Public : 20 children, teenagers and young adults aged 8 to 25

Chaillot Colo #5

From January 31st to February 4th 2023
at Kigali (Rwanda)
Organised with the French Institut of Rwanda
Artists : Dorothée Munyaneza, Nicolas Détrie and Eya Impankanizi
Theme : Art et sport
Public : 16 children, teenagers aged 13 to 18

Chaillot Colo #7

From July 10th to 15th 2023
Angoulême acte 2 at Paris
Theme : the final depart. In the continuity of Chaillot Colo #4.
Artistic team : Cie BurnOut Claire Moineau et Pauline Crépin
Public : 9 teenagers (aged 13 to 17 ) + 6 adult companions
Partners : CSCS CAJ at Angoulême

Chaillot Colo #8

From July 15 to 27 2023
Martinique acte 2 Paris
Theme : Mouvement et récit de soi : le non-dit
Artistic theme : Yannick Kamanzi and Gal Hurvitz 
Public : 15 teenagers aged 14 to 18
Partners : CEMEA Martinique + DRAJES + DAC Martinique